The TabToob Case - all you will ever need to defend and protect your iPad 2,3,4 and iPad Air

Your iPad’s ultimate shock resistant cover, the TabToob case protects your iPad from falls, drops and throws.

TabToob is a durable lightweight iPad case providing protection and a non-slip easy grip.

The TabToob iPad cover includes a red / blue / black travel screen protector / stand meaning you and your kids can take your iPad out and about knowing the screen will be totally defended against drops, bumps and scratches.

The TabToob cover is the ultimate protective defender of your iPad.

A durable iPad accessory for you and your kids.

Also ideal for Early Years, Special Needs and Mainstream Education.


TabToob is working in partnership with the Charity CDKL5 UK and for every TabToob bought through their page we donate 10% of TabToob price!

Do you want your own TabToob iPad case?